1899, at the very center of Odessa, on the corner of Pushkin and Rosa Luxemburg streets, was built a beautiful building. And today, a century later, a man passing by, whether he is from Odessa or he is a guest of our charming city, looking at this building, he will involuntarily stop, struck by the beauty and grandeur of this architectural masterpiece. Plaque on the fa├žade says: "Architectural monument of XIX century," and in a niche at the main entrance you can see the bust of the author - the prominent architect Alexander Bernardazzi. Originally the building was created for Odessa stockbrokers.
Many years ago at this building was established a famous "Kuznetsov" restaurant, known not only in Odessa, but also in Europe. The place was included in popular restaurant guides, created by G.G. Moskvich. 
In the years of Soviet power in the former Stock Exchange housed the Odessa Philharmonic Hall. In the 1980s, it hosted the Actor House, where extremely innovative at that point of time performances of Roman Viktyuk were shown. The Actor House was closed, the shows were shown in a close circle of spectators, not for public viewing. Viktyuk in those years was a theatrical reformer, who could seat the audience on the stage and in front of them play the shows.