About us

In 2012 we've achieved a «Best of Award of Excellence» (2 glasses) from a world famous wine magazine - Wine Spectator and by the end of summer 2013 and 2014 we've confirmed the status of the restaurant with one of the most outstanding wine lists in the world. There are three awards hanging near our wine cellar right now, we're very proud of it. In general «Best of Award of Excellence» was given to 876 restaurants around the world last year. In Ukraine - there's only one and it's in Odessa. We love, respect and carefully store the wine. Wine and food tastings often take place at Bernardazzi, as well as pretty unique "Blind tastings", when guests are blindfolded and find themselves in a world of aromas and delicate nuances of taste. Without a doubt, a cosy ambiance of our restaurant's inner yard is one of the most exciting attraction in Odessa. You don't have to go to Italy, Spain or Portugal to breath the romantic air of 19th century, to find yourself in green oasis full of flowers, beautiful live music and delicious food. Guests of our restaurant that come from all around the world say: "If you haven't been at the Bernardazzi's summer terrace, you haven't been in Odessa".
We love to trust our guests and welcome you anytime you visit our city.